Harrop Pontiac G8 TVS2650 Supercharger

Type: Full Kit
$ 9,995


Harrop Pontiac G8 TVS2650 Supercharger

- Designed utilizing the latest in Eaton TVS technology with 170-degree lobe helix angle for unrivalled thermal efficiency


- At 18,000 RPM produces 25 percent more airflow than the TVS2300 creating 14 psi of boost


- High-efficiency water to air integrated intercooler system


- Integrated by-pass for improved drivability and minimal power consumption off boost


- GM Factory and 102mm aftermarket throttle body compatible


- Over-the-radiator cold air induction kit available for the Chevy SS


- 6PK LS3 offset pulley supplied with kit as standard (Only suitable in low boost applications)


- Optional LSA FEAD drive offset utilizing secondary drive belt and overdrive crank pulley selection available at additional cost.  


The Harrop FDFI (front drive - front inlet) supercharger offers the latest in supercharger technology, engineered here at Harrop HQ now as a new kit for the Chevy SS Sedan.

This kit utilizes the same Eaton TVS™ system as featured on many OEM vehicle like the GT500.  The traditional transfer shaft as seen in all previous Harrop supercharger kits has been removed to make the FDFI supercharger system much quieter while offering more efficient power delivery and having less serviceable parts. 

Harrop FDFI (Front Drive Front Inlet) Supercharger systems feature industry leading Intercooler technology to ensure optimum thermal efficiency through advanced intercooler design. The Harrop FDFI2650 manifold incorporates dual twin pass intercooler cores that are located immediately before the cylinder heads, giving more stable air intake temps and less chance of dynamic heat transfer once cooled. The improved intercooler system coupled with large front mount heat exchanger and high flow Bosch intercooler pump, provides greater thermal and volumetric efficiency to unleash the performance potential of the late model LS engine family.

Being an Australian engineering icon, Harrop has had a long OEM association with the manufacturer of the Pontiac G8; General Motors-Holden. The TVS2650 Supercharger kit was designed specifically for the Australian manufactured vehicle and is the ultimate system for Pontiac G8 owners who are looking to achieve maximum horsepower from their built LS engine. With the ability to run over 15psi of boost on a 427ci engine and with the reliability of the Eaton rotating group which is extensively tested and validated to OEM specifications, this kit resets the performance potential for positive displacement supercharger technology. All Harrop Supercharger kits are expertly assembled by qualified Supercharger technicians to AS9100 quality standards, before individually tested in-house on a dynamometer to ensure reliability and durability.

Other upgrades to the FDFI supercharger include the latest in cooling systems, with the inclusion of the twin pass intercooler cores in the manifold, which reduces inlet air temperature at a faster rate without compromising cooling system efficiency which provides greater efficiency and a cleaner engine bay look.

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