Holley LS Modular Hi-Ram Intake Manifold

Throttle Body Bore: 105mm
$ 1,125


Due to how many people run the Maverick Man Carbon Cowl Hood on their G8 and Chevy SS, Maverick Man now carries the Holley Hi-Ram.  These two beauties just go together! Keep in mind Maverick Man Carbon is the ONLY company that makes a hood that will clear for the Holley Hi Ram!

Available in Black

And Aluminum


-Base Plenum Top Mounting Flange Height - 8.42'' to the lifter valley cover flange on engine block.

-Total Height with 92mm EFI Plenum Top - 12.32'' to the lifter valley cover flange on engine block.

-Port Size - 2.49'' Height x 1.21'' Wide

-Mounting Flange Gasket Type - Standard LS3 Molded O-Ring

-Plenum Top Gasket Type - 3/32'' Round O-ring Cord

-Throttle Body Flange Location, with 92/102mm EFI Plenum Top : Height - 8.42'' (from engine block lifter valley cover flange), Longitudinal Location - 3.84'' (forward from engine block front flange), Angle - 25 deg. (down from vertical)

-Runner Length - 6.50'', As-Cast Runner Cross-Sectional Area - Tapered 4.25 in² to 2.77 in

Before ordering double check to make sure you are running the correct cylinder heads for this port configuration.

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