Pontiac GTO KICS Leggdura 2 Pcs Duralumin Shell Lugnut

Type: Open End
Length: 53mm
$ 200


Are you looking for lugs to stand out form there rest?  These are it!  KICS are known for making some of the baddest lug nuts on the market today!

Lugs comes with two length Short (35mm) or Extended (53mm Open End) or Extended (53mm Close End)

This unique two piece design includes a chromoly SCM435 alloy nut and lock with Steel key. A Duralumin shell screws on with a the provided ABS key which significantly reduces the chance of the Duralumin shell to be scratched when installing or removing the lug nuts.


Available in:
3 different styles: short, long closed end and long open-ended look
4 Color Options: Black, Blue, Red, Gold


Kits include:
16 Lugs
4 Locks
20 Duralumin Shells
1 Steel Lug Socket
1 Steel Lock Key
1 Plastic Shell Socket

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