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LED Bulbs that are Bright and FIT correctly!

  • $ 85.00

Unlike current LED conversion kits out there these kits have a weave cloth heat-sink design, which allows easier installation in smaller spaces like the GTO and G8 while Eliminating Fans that are Prone to Failing not to mention you cannot install the rear caps on your headlights with these large heat-sinks. Caps on headlights are there for a reason use them!

These are the best tested and suited LED headlights conversion kits for your GTO and G8 period! These high output CREE LEDs are 2500 lumen (each) delivering a 360 degree light output and 6000K color temperature. 

Example photos below are from actual customers installed on a GTO and a G8


$85 plus shipping +CA tax 


It is required that you remove the Day Running Relay for your LEDs to work properly. LED ballasts must operate at full power DRL will not power them at full power therefore damaging the ballasts. Damaged ballasts will NOT be warrantied under this situation. It is also recommended to turn your lights on manually and avoid leaving your switch on "AUTO"


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