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Magnaflow Cat Back with True Dual Tip Mufflers

  • $ 1,430.00

Like many of the other brands here on, Maverick Man Carbon was yet another test mule for the Chevy SS.  Back in 2014 the Maverick Man Carbon SS was left at Maganflow for R&D, Testing and Dyno Numbers!

During this time we had input and feedback for the development of the Maganflow Exhaust for the Chevy SS. 

For example, We emphasized the need for a True Dual Tip Muffler.  

We also noted the concern for drone which some Pontiac G8 owners were complaining about with their systems. This was solved with the right sized resonator.

Even the video you see on Magnaflow Website... is the Maverick Maverick Man Carbon SS!

Just another reason to go with Maverick Man Carbon because we know what will work with your SS!  We tested them out on the road and on the track for the best feed back out there!  Now they are available here!


  • All Mandrel Bent Tubing 2.5″
  • 409 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Increased Horsepower and Torque Numbers as much as +23 HP and +25 TQ

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