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Maverick Man Carbon CarToon Pontiac GTO Stickers

  • $ 7.00

Get your Official Maverick Man Carbon GTO Sticker Pack! A great CarTooned design complete with Cartooned Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler and Diffuser as well as matching GTO Colors! 

Made with high quality 3M sticker vinyl and outlined trimmed!  These are NOT cheap paper stickers! 

Available in the following colors:

Red White and Blue Freedom GTO

Phantom Black

Brazen Orange

Impulse Blue

Pulse / Torrid Red

Cyclone Grey

Midnight Blue

Cosmos Purple

Yellow Jacket


Each set will come with a total of Four stickers (Two 5x4 and Two 3x2.5 stickers).

Cosmo Purple, Brazen Orange Metallic and Pink are ONLY Available in 3x2.5 sizes and will come with Four stickers in each set.