MSD 2 Step Rev Control

$ 318


Too much power can actually be a hindrance when it comes to hooking up a small tire or the prop of a drag boat. For anyone with this “problem” the Programmable Launch Limiter is the answer.

This microprocessor controlled Limiter plugs in place of an rpm module in an MSD Ignition or Soft Touch unit. You can then go in and program a launch based rpm ramp based on rpm and time. This is set in 100 rpm steps down to 0.001-second increments by using MSD’s Pro-Data+ software on a PC or with the optional Hand Held Monitor, PN 7550. There is also an adjustment that sets a delay time before the rpm limit activates. This way, when you launch the rpm limit will kick in exactly when you want it to and ramp up to your race rpm for the rest of the run.

This Limiter can be used with any of MSD’s Rev Controls that use the plug-in rpm modules. The Pro-Data+ software is supplied or can be downloaded.

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