OBD2 Port Locking Tool - Prevent Key Cloning

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Maverick Man Carbon is is proud to carry the VTT OBD port locking tool. This is tool is made from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, and is designed to completely lock out your OBD port from being accessed.

NOTE: As of 4/20/24 all Locks will be set for popular GM OBD2 Units for the (Chevy SS, PPV, G8 and Cadillacs) with a different internal mounting system with shorted bolts already included. 

Lock your OBD port when taking a car in for service to avoid duplicate keys being made, and ECU programming or overwriting. Anytime the vehicle is out of your hands this protects you from key cloning via the OBD port However because of the high theft on LS powered vehicles using key cloning devises is also perfect for anti-theft prevention! This port locking tool will not allow a would-be thief to hook up to the car’s OBD port to duplicate a key.  The OBD-LOCK cannot be removed without physically destroying the OBD port if you do not have the proper tools.

VTT uses 5 types of screw head designs for every 200 OBD-LOCKS made. This means that worldwide only 40 OBD-LOCKS are using the same head design. For each batch of 200, we redesign the screw heads meaning every batch of 200 OBD-LOCKS will use different screw heads and tools. Each OBD-LOCK sent has its head design chosen at random.

Installed on a 2014-2017 Chevy SS

Installed on a 2016-2018 Cadillac ATS-V

Each kit consists of the following:

Two-Part Billet OBD Port Lock
Two VTT proprietary Anti Tamper Screws
One VTT Tool to match screws
One Billet T-Handle tool
Tool holder Key Chain

NOTE: Since these are a universal for all OBD2 ports and every manufacture is different. There are some modifications for the install on your GM car. 

For fitment on following GM cars:

Chevy SS Sedan, Pontiac G8 and 2019 and below and ALL Cadillacs: Will need to shorten / cut Anti Tamper Screws to fit over port. TEST IT, FIRST BEFORE CUTTING since GM does list down multiple part numbers for OBD2 ports and may fit without modification. 

For example the Anti Tamper Screw will need to be cut shorter as in the photo below:

We recommend cutting down the provided Anti Tampering Screw approximately down to 6mm from the bottom of the head. 


For other tips on installs and other alternative install methods see HERE

Pontiac GTO: will NOT fit without modifications to the outside of actual OEM OBD2 port. since the shape of it is a tad different them most GM ports. The cutting of the Anti Tampering Screws will also need to be cut down like the above install for the other GM cars. 

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