Optima Batteries Digital 400 Battery Charger - FREE SHIPPING

$ 119


Optima Digital 400 Battery Chargers automatically maximize battery life and performance with a built-in battery health mode. They also offer a hybrid LED battery-charging gauge with an LCD screen and a quick-set, battery-type selection for easy operation.

Chargers feature:

* Recover discharged batteries other chargers cannot
* Hybrid LED battery charging gauge with LCD display
* Dual-purpose hook and tilt stand design or hang, includes wall organizer bracket
* Integrated cable management and cord wrap
* Interchangeable battery clamps and ring terminals
* Innovative multi-use design
* Spark-free connection technology
* Reverse polarity and over-temperature protection
* At-a-glance battery connected and check battery icons
* Ambient air temperature compensation during charging
* Pre-charge battery status display mode
* Patent-pending design and software

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