Pontiac G8 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

Type: Auto
$ 1,800


Available now for the 2008-2009 G8 is the Driveshaft Shops 3-3/8" (Auto) and 3.25" (manual) Carbon Fiber shaft with CV. They have released their new carbon shafts with their "New Bond Technology".

The Driveshaft Shop has been working with Carbon fiber for awhile.  DSS actually have been waiting for our their 9500 rpm actual speed balancer to be able to not only bring the Carbon shafts into production, but also make sure they are the best balanced and manufactured shafts available. It will be a 3-3/8'' (Automatic ONLY) carbon shaft with a special 30 spline ends (same spline as a Viper T56 output and not the standard 28 spline). This custom lightened Porsche style 930 joint is custom made with High grade aerospace grade proprietary material (modified 300m from a 475 year old mill in Sweden and about 15% stronger). They have finished destructive testing on all parts to ensure its ability to endure the punishment of this platform.

Also available now for the 2008-2009 G8 is Driveshaft Shops 3.25" (Manual ONLY) carbon fiber shaft with CV . The Driveshaft Shop has done extensive testing with stock rears and with their 9" kit and believe this to the the most cost effective trouble free drive shaft for the G8 available today. The shaft will come with DSS signature billet plates for each end so you done have to go in to the rear taking a chance on upsetting the crush collar (see below for billet plate VS changing to a Pinion yoke below) The DDS shaft comes with a 300m stub system mounted into a billet aluminum plate to ensure not only strength but lighter weight than the normal way of doing this type of end (look closely at the CV end, its not all steel) The shaft only weighs 20lbs and come with grade 12.9 hardware with back up lock nuts to ensure no loose bolts. We have been using this Billet aluminum style plate for over 10 years on thousands of 1000+Hp Supras, BMW's and many more without any bolt issues.

You will have to remove the heat shield from above center hanger mount to install a 3.25" shaft and there is a possibility of clearance issues with aftermarket exhaust, This is a general warning, we have several test shafts out and not one had an issue. DSS does have listed this because not all exhaust systems have been tested.

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