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Pontiac G8 Carbon Fiber Cowl Hood

  • $ 1,150.00

Another long over due part for the G8 market!

There have been far too many hideous hood designs out there for the G8!  Some so hideous you wouldn't put it on your mother in-laws car and unfortunately there hasn't been much options for the forgotten G8.  Now there is!

This hood is designed like any other Maverick Man Carbon Fiber Product. The lines will match from every angle you look at it and it will utilize all of the factory mounting points!

  • This hood weights in at 25 lbs and easy 19+ lbs off the front of your G8.
  • Uses all OE mounting points for latch and hood struts. Holes must be drilled in areas if you wish mount your OE hood liner.
  • 4 inch Cowl Rise with rear venting.
  • Full 100% Carbon Fiber top with a full Fiber Glass Frame support.  THIS IS NOT A LAYOVER.

Please note that this hood is for OFF ROAD USE ONLY! It is mandatory that you use hood pins or another locking device for safety reasons!

$1150 plus shipping +CA Tax   (Hood must be shipped by truck line). 

The Hood must be shipped by truck line. Shipping can range from low $200s to high $170s depending where you are in the US. If you have questions about our lead time please email us first at

As stated it is Mandatory that you use some sort of hood latching system on this hood. We offer a few alternatives.

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