Pontiac G8 Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid

$ 975


After years of people asking Maverick Man Carbon to make a trunk we finally have one! It taken this long to prefect duplicating a trunk fitment is always crucial.

Though others may claim a "quality part and fitment every time", it very unlikely it will.  Others that have purchased these so called quality parts have come forward stating how after they they were coned into buying it they were dissatisfied because of the poor quality and fitment.

Worry no more! Now you can be confident that that what you buy!  Maverick Man Carbon will always be one step head in fitment, finish and quality above any other carbon fiber product for the G8 on the market today!  Using the best process available and keeping cost down.  This is your ONLY choice!

We even asked two customers to test fit them first prior to coming to market.

Isn't it funny that both test fitment cars were Striker Blue? With third party test-fitment you are getting the truth on what fits and what doesn't.  We are 100% confident Maverick Man Carbon quality will super exceed any other G8 trunk out there on the market period!

$975 plus shipping. (Trunk must be shipped by truck line)


WARNING! California Proposition 65
WARNING: This Product Can Expose You To Certain Chemicals Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer Or Reproductive Toxicity, Such As Lead Or DI(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate.



Terms and Conditions for purchasing the Pontiac G8 Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid From Maverick Man Inc.

All orders placed with Maverick Man, Inc. (phone, fax, mail, verbal, or
e-mail), directly or in any other way constitute the acknowledgment and
acceptance of all of the conditions listed below:

Warranty and Disclaimer

Items sold by Maverick Man, Inc. may not be legal for street use in all
states. It is the buyer’s responsibility to comply with applicable state
laws. Buyer understands that due to strict U.S. Federal and State safety
crash guidelines, Maverick Man, Inc is not responsible or liable for any
damages or possible injuries incurred upon possible accidents due to
driver error, incorrect installations, bad judgment, or act of nature,
God, Allah, Jehovah, or whomever you believe in. All products are intended
for off-highway uses only, and should be used for their intended purposes
only. Maverick Man, Inc does not take responsibility over buyer
installation, modification, and unusual stress of the products. The buyer
assumes all responsibilities for determining the suitability of the
products. Maverick Man, Inc is not responsible for any damages incurred
either directly or indirectly on the vehicles or operators/passengers
within the vehicles. Maverick Man Carbon offers a limited 6 month warranty
from date of purchase on all hoods.

All products require professional installation. Buyer understands that
some products may require modifications for correct fitment. Minor
adjustments may be necessary as part of the normal installation process.
All hoods require hood pins for safety reasons. All carbon fiber products
will not sustain any force or weight, for they could be cracked by such
force or weight. Maverick Man, Inc has made an effort to produce all its
aftermarket products to fit the original factory vehicles as closely as
possible. However, some occasional prepping may be necessary for an ideal
fit. The buyer needs to perform these steps to his/her satisfaction before
installation. If the buyer wishes to paint the products, he or she must
pre-fit the parts to the vehicle before painting to ensure proper fit.
There are absolutely no returns on painted products. IF THIS IS A
SUPERCHARGED or TURBO car it is a MUST that you use some kind of insulation
under the hood. However it is also highly suggested and REQUIRED for warranty
that you use insulation on the underside of the hood no matter supercharged,
turbocharged or not. We recommend Termo Shield or Dynamat which are good choices.
ALSO DO NOT use a clear bra on any carbon portion of the hood. Clear Bra will
NOT let the heat escape thought the carbon and will cause moisture build up and will
void any warranty.


Please be sure to care for your new hood. Carbon Fiber is vulnerable to the suns UV rays. It is very important that you use a high UV protectant on your hood. The new ceramic coatings are ideal for that along with any detailer that have high UV content in it. Regular wax will NOT work no not rely on it solely! Any extra clear coat on the hood will also help since these hoods are a Gel Coat NOT a clear coat. It is also idea to no leave the hood in the sun for full days, day after day. Think of carbon fiber like your skin. It will get sunburned of you do not care for it correctly. Care on carbon is more then just taking care of paint. Look online for “carbon fiber care” will see a lot of suggestions for it.

Shipping Damage

Maverick Man, Inc packs all products carefully to prevent damage during
shipping. However, damage may still occur occasionally. Buyer must inspect
the packaging and the products carefully upon receiving them, then accept
the shipment and notate any damages and irregularities, such as crushed,
torn, punctured, or broken parts on both the packaging and the product, on
the freight bill or receipt at the driver’s presence. NO NOT LET THE
electronic signature and no where to write anything. write in DAMAGED where
you are supposed to sign it. If someone else is signing for it make sure they know
these procedures 100%! Buyer must retain all cartons, packing materials,
and damaged products for the carrier’s damage inspector to inspect. DO NOT
because the buyer’s right to make a damage claim may be denied. A signed receipt
without any notation indemnified the carrier as well as Maverick Man, Inc from any further damage
claims. Discovery of damages after a clear delivery becomes the responsibility
of the customer.

All damages must be notified to carrier and the Maverick Man Carbon Inc.
within 24 hours. In cases of damage with proper notation on receipt, the
carrier will determine whether to pay for repair cost or replacement value
of the damaged goods after damage inspection. Replacement value is the amount the
buyer paid to the distributor and is not negotiable. All disputes about
the settlement amount should be addressed with the carrier. Maverick Man,
Inc, under no circumstances, shall be liable for the damaged product or
for subsequent settlement of the claim with the carrier. Initial product that was received
damaged may also be required to be destroyed on receivers end and expense. Receiver
will be required to show proof of product destroyed prior to receiving a replacement.
Each case will be judged upon on a
case by case basis.

Defective Products

All products require professional installation. Minor adjustments might be
necessary. These are normal body work and installation steps. Therefore it
is NOT considered to be defective. In addition, most carbon fiber products
are hand-crafted, and no two items will be identical. Small imperfections
such as wavy weaves, small bubbles, and clear coat blemishes are
inevitable. Pictures are required to demonstrate true defects on products
prior to return.

DO NOT throw out packing until you are 100% sure it has no reason to be returned.
Any and all returns must be shipped back in the original packing it was received in.
Packing which includes both sides of the box, both wood supports and styrofoam.


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