Pontiac G8 Heater Hose Relocation Kit

$ 195


Get rid of those ugly heater hoses lying on top of your engine! Blazin' Billet's heater hose relocation kit is designed specifically for the Pontiac G8 GT and GXP.

The hoses are rerouted down along the right side of the engine bay, so you still have easy access to all of your right bank spark plugs. The hose lines come assembled and are made in the USA from quality components:

Gates heater hoses

 5/8 diameter 6061-T6 .035 wall, natural finish aluminum tubing with a roll bead on each end for a tight seal.

 Stainless steel ear clamps

 Two piece line clamp, injection molded from 60% glass filled black 6/6 nylon

 Constant tension band clamps

 8mm snap-in releasable cable tie

 M8X1.25 flange nut

This heater hose relocation kit may not work with some forced induction or big diameter header set-ups. Image below may show in general clearance available and will clear most if not all 1-7/8 inch headers. If unsure please verify fitment before purchase.

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