Pontiac G8 LED Front Side Markers

$ 35


Finally a side marker Maverick Man Carbon Approves! Wanting to change your Pontiac G8 side markers out for a cleaner and updated look?

These LED full replacement side markers will give your G8 a clean look with Clear markers or use Smoked ones to give your G8 the full murdered look!

Plug and Play and plugs into the bulb socket! Sold as a pair! 

Compare ours to theirs:

Don't believe us? We'll let the customers tell you:

Jimmy Padilla @jimmy_on_the_gram  - Pontiac G8 Owner:

"These are bright and look good lol!"

Dalton Mick @cardaddydale - Pontiac G8 Owner:

"Hell yea they are much nicer and look cooler."

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