Pontiac G8 Oracle Lighting LED Halo Kit

$ 208


Looking to modify your Pontiac G8's lights for a customized, eye-catching style? The ORACLE Lighting halo kit for the 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 offers a perfect solution with an expertly-crafted design, brilliant colors with the best quality LED components, and unique features that will satisfy any car enthusiast.

While some manufactures cut corners, Oracle Lighting use advanced LED chips that produce an impressively bright output while consuming less power. Oracle Lighthings SMD halos feature these chips installed onto a sturdy CAD-designed circuit board that easily mounts to a light housing using the pre-installed 3M adhesive tape backing. Easily control the halos with one of our easy-to-use controllers, and consider the popular ColorSHIFT®, which gives the user RGB control thanks to the 5050 tri-node LEDs that allows you to select any color imaginable.

Using the latest lighting technology, these cutting-edge halo kits for cars are a great way to personalize your ride with show-stopping looks and industry-leading performance. 

Available with or without the ColorSHIFT controller

or Bluetooth BC1 Controller



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