Pontiac G8 SuperPro Rear Sway Bar Bushing OEM Size

$ 28


Rear OEM sized Sway bar mount bushings are now available for the Pontiac G8 from SuperPro. These are one of the most under-appreciated components in your suspension system.

Responsible for anchoring the sway bars and facilitating proper function and body control of your vehicle the OEM rubber bushings are tasked with quite a job and in-turn wear quickly compromising the effectiveness of your sway bar and contributing to a loose, sloppy feeling on the road over time.

SuperPro's sway bar mount bushings are designed to fit the OEM designed hardware and mountings - no generic one-size-fits all bushings and cheap universal hardware here - each bushing is designed to integrate into the factory suspension design and function.

Additionally grease retention technology is used in each bushing we make for a lifetime of smooth and silent operation turning a frequent maintenance item into a one-time repair upgrade to keep your vehicle driving like new; for life.

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