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Pontiac G8 Russell Steel Braided Brake Lines

Pontiac G8 Russell Steel Braided Brake Lines

  • $ 130.00

Replace your spongy, factory rubber Pontiac G8 brake lines with one of these Russell Street Legal brake line kits. The pre-assembled, steel-braided brake lines provide firmer, more responsive braking by reducing excessive brake pedal travel, which is caused by the expansion of the rubber lines. They also meet strict DOT requirements for street-driven vehicles. These kits come in pre-packaged lengths and include all of the hardware and fittings necessary for installation.

Optional Speed Bleeders let you bleed the brake lines on your Pontiac G8 all by yourself. Just replace the old bleeder screws with speed bleeders. They have an internal check valve that will pump excess air and fluid out for you. A special coating on the speed bleeders' threads keep them from admitting air into the system, and keep expelled air and fluid out. When you're done, just tighten the screws and go on to the next brake cylinder.  


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