Pontiac G8 SPEC Stage 3 Clutch Kit

$ 435


SPEC Stage 3 clutch kits are designed for street, drag race, pulling, and autocross use for your Pontiac G8. They feature a carbon semi-metallic 6-puck sprung hub disc that has been the leading puck clutch in drivability, life, and torque capacity. These units are intended for street and race G8's that require an aggressive but streetable engagement and high torque capacity. Their hubs are double-sprung with spring cover reliefs for flexibility and heat-treated components for strength and durability.

Additional features of SPEC Stage 3 clutch kits:

* Also available in 3-puck configuration
* High-clamp pressure plate
* Carbon-graphite friction material
* High-torque sprung hub and disc assembly
* Bearing and tool kit included
* Also great for road racing, rally, and drifting

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