Pontiac G8 Stainless Works 3in Catback System - FREE SHIPPING

$ 1,385


Stainless Works CNC mandrel-bent exhaust systems are the simply the best for improving your Pontiac G8's performance, sound, and mileage.

Made of high-grade 304 stainless steel, they offer an array of options to unleash more torque and horsepower while delivering the sound your vehicle has been lacking. Most are designed to use factory hangers.

Stainless Works not only offers their Factory Connect option that mates to a factory connection point, but also Performance Connect options for many models. Performance Connect gains more performance than factory connection points allow, and they require the installation of Stainless Works headers (sold separately) to gain the full performance benefit.

Stainless Works also builds their mufflers entirely of stainless steel. They will never "burn in," "blow out," or change their tone—ever. Choose from a selection of universal or application-specific muffler designs, including turbo chambered (loud), chambered round (louder—can be reversed for an even more aggressive sound), and turbo S-tube (loudest—may be too aggressive for a daily driver).

Additional features of Stainless Works CNC mandrel-bent exhaust systems include:

* 304 stainless will never red-rust like cheaper 409 stainless
* TIG-welded for strength
* Durable 3/8 in. thick flanges

* Mandrel-bent (no buckling) for optimal flow
* True Dual Tip

* Install-Ready; all systems come with all necessary parts to make installation as smooth as possible

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