Pontiac GTO (2005-2006) DBA Rear Slotted & Drilled 4000 Series

Type: Front (one only)
$ 179


If you've stepped beyond the ability of your stock brakes on your Pontiac GTO, then DBA HD Series 4000XS brake rotors are perfect for you. These rotors contain many of the features that make DBA brake rotors so great. Their patented Kangaroo Paw ventilation, XG150 iron alloy, and TSP process work together to allow these rotors to handle high-heat situations. Their non-directional, XS cross-drilled, slot design eliminates the need for different left and right discs and provides a consistent, strong brake feel. To top off these awesome rotors, DBA applies a protective paint to all non-friction surfaces and adds heat marks so you can monitor your peak brake heat. Have more confidence in your brakes with these DBA HD Series 4000XS brake rotors, available to fit a variety of specific applications.

SOLD AS PER SIDE (unless you order a FULL SET). If you need a pair of rotors you will need to order two sets. 

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