Pontiac GTO (2005-2006) SLP LoudMouth II Cat-Back Exhaust - FREE SHIPPING

$ 750


The SLP LoudMouth II Cat-Back Modular Exhaust System to Wake Up Your 2005-2006 GTO!

Bolt on a LoudMouth® Modular Catalyst-Back Exhaust System on your new 2005-2006 GTO for up to 5 extra horsepower and 5 foot-pounds of torque with the aggressive muscle-car rumble your LS2 deserves. The secret to the system's distinctive sound is a pair of stainless SLP resonators, stamped with our SLP logo. The additional performance comes from the free-flow design and our built-in PowerFlo-X® Crossover system that borrows a power-building method used in stock car racing. The system features a pair of attractive 3.5" dual-wall stainless steel tips that look great peeking out of the GTO's rear valance. The tips have an angle cut and can angle downward in a traditional style, or rotated 90 degrees so they match the curving shape of your rear valance. The modular design gives you flexibility to change to a quieter LoudMouth II® system in minutes by purchasing a pair of bolt-in SLP bullet-style mufflers (#31063). The exhaust system is hand-crafted from 2.5" stainless steel, and is covered with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

LoudMouth Cat-Back Exhaust System for 2005-2006 GTO Features:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Aggressive muscle-car rumble, louder than LoudMouth II system (#31561)
  • Modular design lets you bolt-in a pair of mufflers (#31063, not included) for a quieter system
  • Hand-crafted from stainless
  • Easy bolt-on that mounts to SLP's header system or stock exhaust
  • Distinctive stainless tips that rotate for the look you want

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