Pontiac GTO K-MAC (OEM Spring) Front Top Strut Mounts w/ Camber & Caster Adjustment

$ 545


Looking for some Negative of Positive Camber in your Pontiac GTO?  Are you looking for more then just one offset position that are not offered in other brands?  Need precise adjustably in your Camber and Caster? 


The K-MAC from Australia is the ONLY brand that offers these features without the need for any modifications to your engine bay or shock towers! 

Designed to fit with OEM diameter at top of coil springs.

KMAC invented and is the only manufacturer to provide “precisely” adjustable Camber and Caster top mounts for these models – no modifications to fit and can be adjusted accurately from engine bay.

Up to “22mm” (7/8″) of Negative (or Positive) Camber. This equates to ‘1.5’ degrees (+ or – depending on vehicle height. 

This means (in the pursuit of pole setting lap times) on “track days” will dramatically reduce understeer to hit those “corner apexes” every time and allow to go deeper into the corners with improved traction and braking response.

Other KMAC adjustable strut top design features include the short life plastic encased OEM bearings are replaced with a unique system – extra H/Duty 40mm diameter self align spherical bearings (PTFE lined), then “separate” H/Duty (massive 85mm diameter) full sealed radial thrust bearings for steering loads – also preventing spring drag/binding. Bearings are replaceable for virtual lifetime usage and no height increase. 

Maverick Man Inc. is an Authorized Dealer of K-MAC

Made and Imported from Australia 




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