Pontiac GTO KAZZ Limited-Slip Differential

Type: 1.5 Way
SuperQ: Without SuperQ
$ 1,295


Maveirck Man now carries the very popular KAZZ Limited Slip Differential for the 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO!  Available in two options.

1.5 Way

A 1.5-way limited-slip differential is the most common LSD upgrade option in performance and race cars. It is referred to as a 1.5-way because it functions under acceleration and to a lesser extent under deceleration. It provides differential locking characteristics under acceleration, maximizing power distribution to the wheels that need it most. Under deceleration, the 1.5-way LSD engages to assist in braking stability and smoother turn-in.

2.0-way LSD

Favored especially in drifting, a 2.0-way LSD delivers the same lockup characteristics under both acceleration and deceleration. Although this setup isn’t forgiving for street driving, it is preferred for drifting as it eases the car’s ability to break traction under braking.



The SuperQ option are units set a new bench mark within mechanical/clutch type after market performance clutch type L.S.D.’s! As always with KAAZ Limited Slip Differentials…improve your driving, lap times, drifting and overall performance with a KAAZ COMPETITION L.S.D.


• A key element in making the SUPERQ LSD unique is: chattering sounds are reduced significantly from the standard version KAAZ differentials. This makes the unit much more street friendly.


• Experience smoother engagement during driving! SuperQ units are designed to provide more comfort without compromising performance characteristics. This new feature is available now due to new internal metal treatments processed before final assembly!


• All SuperQ units have improved heat dissipation over standard LSD’s. With special internal surface treatments the new SuperQ LSD’s provides a significant drop in operating temperatures when compared to standard metal type LSD’s.


• Typically, overhauls are recommended for race cars frequently however the SuperQ LSD has a typical longer life-wear than standard mechanical L.S.D’s. If changing differential oil responsibly the new SuperQ units have an average extended 20-50% more life expectency! Whether it is usage on a full race or street applied vehicle, this new unit will outlast any standard metal type L.S.D!


• No need to break in your unit after installation! The WPC Treatment utilized on the SuperQ units have special treated clutch plates which feature smooth hardened clutch plate surfaces and require no break-in procedures!


• As standard to all KAAZ Limited Slip Differentials you can adjust locking rates to your desired spec. The SuperQ units carry same revolutionary adjustment setting options that come standard on most KAAZ Limited Slip Differentials! Optional parts are available as well, you can purchase thicker cone-springs and clutch plates to adjust initial torque specs.


Factory Differentials vs Kaaz

Most factory differentials are open, which means power is sent to the wheel that has the least resistance. It allows the wheels to turn at different rates such as in a turn, but it is also inefficient in power delivery. It causes single-wheel burnouts when you launch and unwanted wheel spin when you accelerate out of a corner.

Some manufactures equip certain vehicles with viscous differentials. This is a type of limited-slip differential, intended to offer the benefits of an open differential but without the drawbacks of unwanted wheel spin. This is achieved by a series of plates separated by a viscous fluid, which work together to optimize the power distribution sent to the wheels. Although this is more beneficial to performance than an open unit, a viscous limited-slip differential cannot know where to send the power until a wheel starts slipping. Most factory offerings in this case are sloppier than a performance-oriented limited-slip differential.

Kaaz limited-slip differentials solve the problems associated with factory equipment. Kaaz products are built and tuned to deliver higher strength, more traction, and greater stability. The result is quicker lap times and improved handling characteristics with the car under your control in a performance setting.

These are considered “special” / “made to” order items in stock or not. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions prior to ordering. 



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