Pontiac GTO LED Front Side Markers

$ 35


Finally a side marker Maverick Man Carbon Approves! Wanting to change your Pontiac GTO side markers out for a cleaner and updated look then your old factory ones. 

These LED full replacement side markers will give your GTO a clean look with Clear markers, Yellow markers or use Smoked ones to give your GTO the full murdered look!  Will fit just like the OEM GM part number 92155601 but brighter and aesthetically pleasing LED design. 

Plug and Play and plugs into the bulb socket! Sold as a pair! 

Better than any other ones out there period!

Don't believe us? We'll let the customers tell you:

Alex Lipinski  @itz_lips  - Pontiac GTO Owner (Amber Side Marker)::

"U should just generate a gm part number for your stuff. 100% better and it's available. Fit the aftermarket bumper like it belonged there. Amazon has $hi^ ones!"


Tim Ayers @bom_ls2_gto - Pontiac GTO Owner (Amber Side Marker):

"A couple friends checked them out with me, we all specifically liked that there's no weird or obnoxious design in the LED, as well as the orientation of the LEDs to almost follow the body lines and it still maintains an almost OEM reflector pattern!"


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