Pontiac GTO Line Lock Kit

Year: 2004
$ 209


Ever wonder how the pros stand still while heating up/cleaning their tires?

Maybe your tired of foot braking to do your burnout?   Want to perform smoky burnouts or clean off your tires for increased traction while relieving drive-train stress and unnecessary wear and tear on your brake pads and rotors?  Do you need to correct rear end lockups, tramping or inefficient use of braking system due to incorrectly biased braking system?

Control your burnouts, warm up those tires and adjust the brake bias of your braking system with the SJM ABS Delete Line Lock system for your 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO.


Why buy this Line Lock?

Exclusive two stage switched circuitry

Installation does not impede with supercharger/turbo kits

Easy install. Lines, valve and fittings come pre-assembled; brake sealant is not needed for connections

No modification necessary to existing brake lines

Solenoid location mounted away from heat sources for years of trouble free operation

Professional installed appearance

ABS/TCS compatible

Will not interfere with normal ABS/TCS operation when not in use


Each kit includes everything you need:

Pre-formed lines

Rebuildable SJM solenoid

Micro Toggle Master Switch

SJM illuminated logo momentary push button

ABS compatible

Installation wire

Fuse with holder

Electrical connectors

Complete Instructions including pictorials and schematics.


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