Pontiac GTO Volant Air Intake

$ 337


Volant Cold Air Intake PowerCore System for the Pontiac GTO

Volant Air Intake Kits offer top of the line performance when it comes to air induction. Featuring oversized air ducting and unique intake tube bends, Volant Air Intake Kits provide maximum air flow for increased horsepower and throttle response. Each kit comes with a Volant polyethylene air box that is designed to deflect heat and assist in delivering cool dense air to your engine for maximum performance. Engineered for ultimate protection and optimum airflow.

  • Oversized Intake Tubes.
  • Free-flowing Air Ducting.
  • Polyethylene Air Box.
  • High Performance Silicone Connectors.
  • Stainless Steel Marine-Grade Clamps.

Not for sale or street use in CA & CARB states.

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