Renogy Portable Car Jump Starter 400A Peak 12000 mAh

$ 69.99


  • One of the most annoying things is when you come out and start your car and the battery is DEAD!  Your next step is either to charge it (if you lucky enough to have a charger and be at home). OR find someone with jumper cables without making something thinking you are trying to rob them. lol! 

    Your problem is now solved. You heard about them, and maybe you seen the AAA actually use them on your car?  The Renogy Jump Starter is what you have seen others use and what you need to get your car out of a rut!

  • The Renogy Jump Start is not only a jump starter but also a power bank 12,000 mAh battery with peak current of 400 amps provides enough power to jump start gas (up to 5L) and diesel (up to 3L) vehicles safely. 3 USB ports can power up your tablets, smartphones quickly during the road trip. Built in LED light with Strong/Strobe/SOS modes can be useful while lost in darkness or emergency.
  • After connecting the alligator clamps to the car battery, the indicator on the alligator clamps connector will flash green or red light according to current battery voltage.
  • When the battery voltage is 10.5V~12.6V, the indicator will be flashing green. In this situation, you can connect the jump starter to your car battery and try to start the engine. (Please follow the “override” instruction below if not able to start)

  • 12,000 mAh battery with a peak current of 400A, it has enough power to jump start vehicles multiple times (up to 5L petrol or 3L diesel engine)
  • Charge your smartphone, tablet or any other USB powered devices with two 5V/2.1A ports and one 5V/1.0A port. LED screen displays the charging/discharging status
  • Strong, strobe, SOS modes make it a perfect emergency power source, adaptable to different situations.
  • Short circuit protection, Poka-Yoke design, reverse polarity protection, reverse current protection, over discharging protection, overcharging protection, and overheating protection.
  • Compact size allows it to fit in easily. A hard case carrying bag prevents the jump starter and all the accessories from any damage.
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