ATS-V and ATS Radar Detector Harness with optional DashCam Output

Type: Valentine 1
$ 99.99


Tired of that ugly power cord running round your widow? Do you like that long curly cigarette lighter cord dangling around?  Probably not!  Or maybe you don't like the universal pin mirror adapters and the guess of where you are supposed to put the power pin and ground pin.

Well look no further this harness will plug into your Cadillac ATS-V or ATS right under the passenger side of the dash. Remove the panel, disconnect passenger air bag light plug, then plug this new harness in between it. Then plug right into your radar detector.  All Plug and Play! Less then a 10 min install!

This harness will work with any radar detector that uses a modular cable like the Valentine 1, Escort and Uniden.

NOW AVAILABLE with a 5 volt Mini or Micro USB output for your Dash Cam or other accessory* 

*most Dash Cams take 5 volts but there are some that need 12 volts.  Please look at the manual or on the unit itself to check the voltage.  Also the fuse will not dictate voltage since their is a separate converter in the lighter portion.

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