Chevy SS Sedan Roto-Fab Air Intake System - FREE SHIPPING

Year: 2014
Filter: Dry Filter
$ 554.95


Roto-Fab new Chevy SS cold air intake system! This box offers a textured look and feel and is made from a durable plastic that will not only stand the test of time, but also... provide the best performance possible. Roto-Fab has placed the air inlet on this box as far down and away from engine bay heat sources as possible, to provide for the coolest air flow.


This box is intricately designed to fit perfectly in its location while providing maximum volume inside the box. Roto-Fab has designed this air intake to bolt up to the factory mounting locations for easy installation with no modifications to your Chevy SS or it's components. Stock vs. Stock + Rotofab intake alone picks up a 11 RWHP and 6 ft/lbs of Torque! Keep in mind these test were performed with "hood closed" testing without a lower baseline number which, in contrast, would make the Roto-Fab Intake show even greater gains.

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