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SOLO Performance Axle Back for 2014-2017 Chevy SS

SOLO Performance Axle Back for 2014-2017 Chevy SS

  • $ 465.00

The Solo Performance Axle-Back exhaust kit for the Chevrolet SS offers a deep, muscle car sound without the drone usually associated with an Axle-Back kit. This is a “Sound on Demand” exhaust system that produces the sound you want when accelerating or revving but become incredibly quiet at cruise speeds. Solo has replaced that annoying cruise speed cabin drone with a comfortable, quiet exhaust note through advanced technology and a painstaking R&D process.

Solo’s Chevy SS Axle-Back comes with Solo’s tunable J-Pipes. These J-pipes are capped off on the end and as the sound waves enter the J-pipe, they bottom out on the end cap and bounce back. Upon the sound wave re-entering the exhaust flow, it collides with the specific Chevy SS drone frequency and cancels it out. Since all Chevy SS engine harmonics are not exactly the same we have made a slider end cap (just loosen the band clamp and slide the piece longer or shorter) so that you can fine tune the exhaust note if necessary. Tomorrow’s technology on today’s Chevy SS.

The Chevy SS is loaded with special features. Complete the look and sound with one of Solo Performance’s Axle-Back exhaust kit for the Chevy SS.

Kit Details

Stainless Steel Dual Axle-Back exhaust kit
2½” Mandrel bent exhaust pipes
Completely Bolt-On using only regular tools
Engineered to integrate with the stock exhaust
Heavy Duty Reinforced hangers
3” Dual T304 polished stainless steel exhaust tips with inner bevel and staggered
Solo tunable J-Pipes to eliminate drone

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