SuperPro Bushing Press Tool Kit

$ 425


Super Pro Press Tool Kit


Have you ever tried to remove a bushing?  It's NOT fun!  Make your life easier and with out the swearing and get this complete package from SuperPro to make any Bushing replacement job easy and swearing free! ;) 

The SuperPro Press Tool Kit is a specialized tool that provides a safe, effective and easy way to remove old bushes and install SuperPro bushings.
This kit will also provide a safer option for other workshop pressing requirements.

Threaded Rods in different sizes, complete with bearing to make the job easy!
18 press tubes arranged in 5mm increments to match common bush sizes.
Mild steel construction allows them to crush instead of shattering if overloaded.
Easily machined to suit specific job applications.
Individually numbered sleeves can be replaced by ordering the specific number.

Kit content:

  • 18 Tubes
  • 4 Stepped Plates
  • 4 Threaded Rods with Nuts & Bearings
  • 4 Spare Bearings
  • Instruction Sheet

Watch how it works!


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