The Best Pontiac G8 Car Cover- Autobody Armor by Coverking

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Maverick Man Inc. has very high standards when choosing a car cover for our vehicles.  When cars are left outside during outside car shows, in the shop, outside in the rain or in the garage; keeping our show cars clean is a MUST!  Personally we were sick of cheap covers that last only a few months outdoor as well as other covers that just don't fit at all.  You will get what you pay for!  That is why Maverick Man Carbon rely on one of the best car cover on the market today period...... the Coverkings AutoBody Armor Custom Car Cover!

  • High water resistance
  • Provides maximum protection from damaging UV rays
  • Three outer-layers to protect against the elements, including preventing nicks and dings
  • Includes soft inner fleece lining to pamper the finish of your car
  • Highly breathable material to reduce condensation
  • Custom-fit to your vehicle specifications for a sleek and stylish look
  • Mirror and antenna pockets included
  • Available in gray only
  • Simple installation
  • 5 year repair or replace warranty followed by Coverking Care's lifetime repair program

Coverking's Autobody Armor offers maximum protection for both indoor and outdoor use. This custom car cover for your Pontiac G8 features three layers of fabric to create a strong barrier against water, UV rays, dirt, dust, animal droppings and pollutants. All fabrics are made from breathable materials to eliminate condensation under the cover. To further protect the finish of your Pontiac G8, they have added a soft fleece liner for a gentle enclosure around your Vehicle. As with all Coverking covers, Autobody Armor is manufactured to the exact specifications of your Vehicle with mirror pockets included. This custom cover will fit your Pontiac G8 like a glove.

  • Three layers of material for maximum protection
  • Outer layer of woven polyester for maximum protection
  • Durable inner polyurethane layer for maximum water resistance
  • Soft inner lining to protect the finish of your Vehicle

  • Highest level of UV protection and water resistance
  • Custom-fit styling to the exact specifications of your Vehicle
  • Special neoprene elastic tensioners in front and rear to hold the cover firmly in place
  • Includes covered grommets for use with optional cable and lock kit
  • Mirror and antenna pockets included
  • Manufactured using Coverking's unique double-stitching and waxed thread technique to virtually eliminate leaks

These covers are made to order so please expect about 25 working days for these to be made. Note: All covers are with roof hole antenna. 

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