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TITAN 7 O.W.L Titanium Lug Nuts

  • $ 320.00

Titan 7 took their philosophy from their wheels and engineered our concept of the ideal racing lugnut. 

Their “Obsession With Lightness” (O.W.L) comes to fruition with technical highlights like-- machining from forged titanium, which yields the ultimate balance to make them both light and tough (weighs under 16 ounces)

Titan 7 uses special machined side slots for increased weight reduction. Although visually the design makes it seem like a custom lock key is needed, but standard a 17mm Hex socket will work.

All Titan 7 products are tested beyond OEM criteria for repeated installation removal / torque handling & retention utilizing speed sockets. The open-ended design makes it an ideal application for your GTO, G8, Chevy SS or ATS-V with extended racing studs.

Available in Raw Form Titanium or Machine Black


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