Toyo Tires R888R fitment for your Pontiac GTO

Size: (Two) 245/40-18
$ 560


Are you looking for some tire options for your Pontiac GTO?

Well look no further!  The Toyo R888R is a favorite for those who track theirPontiac GTO!  The R888R is evolution of the race-winning Proxes R888, delivering even faster lap times and better dry handling. The credit goes to a new tread design and an improved contact patch that puts more rubber on the track. Any SS onwer will also appreciate the predictable handling and how quickly the Proxes R888R reaches optimal operating temperature.

Sizes available in OEM replacement sizes sold in pairs:

245/40-18 and 275/35-18

If you need just one tire please inquire within.

Features and benefits

High-Grip Race Compoun

  • Reaches optimal operating temperature quickly and provides consistent performance.
  • Improves grip for excellent cornering performance.

Optimized Contact Patch

  • Improves dry traction in braking, acceleration, and cornering.

Large Tread Blocks on Outside Tread

  • Maximizes lateral grip for improved cornering.

Wide Center Rib

  • Improves directional stability and precise steering response.

Water Evacuation Channel

  • Assists with wet traction.

Sold in Pairs


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