TPMS Billet Covers and Valve Stem Caps in Blue

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Looking for detail on your Chevy SS?  Ever notice how the covers for the stock TPMS stand out like a sore thumb?  Do you have blue lugs and want them to match? Or maybe they are dirty and ugly? Well here is the solution!  Maverick Man Carbon now has Black Billet TPMS covers to match your black wheels.   These will also work with any GM that uses the TPMS part number 13581559 or equivalent / predecessor part umber.  SOLD as a set of Four (Four TPMS covers and Four Valve Stem Caps).

* be aware of these same exact caps made by Wheelmate on other websites that claim they are 6016-T6 Aluminum. They are NOT 6016-T6 Aluminum.







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