Trailblazer SS Edelbrock Max-Fire Ultra-Spark 50 Spark Plug Wire Sets

$ 95


Edelbrock Max-Fire Ultra-Spark 50 spark plug wire sets deliver maximum power output. Engineered for high performance LS engines in your Trailblazer SS that need all the voltage they can get, Max-Fire wires are constructed of leads that transport a low 50 ohms of resistance per ft. for maximum EMI/RFI noise suppression.

Each Ultra-Spark starts with a spiral wound Ferro-magnetic KEVLAR® core wrapped with a suppression layer, stainless steel conductive winding, and a latex silicone layer. This is followed by an EPDM inner insulation topped with braid tape and a tempered 8.5mm silicone outer jacket that won't crack or shrink, and is resistant to chemicals. The wires are finished with silicone plug boots featuring high-quality snap and lock-style terminals for easy installation. Give your engine the most power possible with Edelbrock Max-Fire Ultra-Spark 50 spark plug wire sets.

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