VCM MAF Conversion Kit For OTR Intake - Chevy SS / Pontiac G8 / PPV - Caprice

$ 59


This kit converts a Chevy SS, Pontiac G8 or PPV / Caprice VCM MAF-less OTR intake to a MAF setup. The kit includes the OTR intake to MAF coupler, MAF to throttle body coupler with PCV connection, PCV hose, and necessary hose clamps. If converting from a MAP setup you will require a MAF tune to ensure optimum performance of the engine. Features and Benefits

  • Converts the VCM MAF-less OTR Intake to a MAF setup
  • Manufactured in Australia 

What's Included

  • 1 x OTR intake to MAF coupler
  • 1 x MAF to throttle body coupler with PCV connection
  • 1 x PCV hose
  • All necessary clamps

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