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Pontiac GTO Whiteline Rear Control Arm - Camber/Toe Kit

Pontiac GTO Whiteline Rear Control Arm - Camber/Toe Kit

  • $ 62.00

The 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO IRS suspension systems suffers from uneven rear tire wear especially when lowered or when towing. The Whiteline 2 point camber / toe correction kits improve rear wheel alignment settings and saves you on replacing costly tires.


Engineered to alter/ optimise camber alignment to compensate for body roll, body distortion and tyre roll when cornering.

Featuring anti geometry that works to aid traction by allowing the wheel to track the ground more precisely resulting in superior traction under power including cornering and dramatically reducing understeer and front wheel spin.

Protective plating on all metal components acts as a hard skin that is much tougher than conventional paint allowing this product to withstand the toughest conditions and resist corrosion for years to come.

Whiteline's latest technology synthetic elastomer formulation boasts resistance to oil, grease, ozone and weathering.

Supplied with extreme pressure molybdenum disulphide (LM) based grease for extended life.

Internal grease reservoirs provide continual self lubrication for optimum friction management.

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