Chevy SS Sedan XXR 559 Slingshot Wheel

$ 965


XXR 559 Slingshot Wheels

Looking for a great looking and affordable wheel for your Chevy SS? The XXR 559 Slingshot wheel is what you are looking for.  This is a super light cast wheel offered in a 19 inch staggered x8.5 and x10 fitment with a multi spoke design.


Each wheel weighing in just under 23lbs!

Available in Flat Graphite, Bronze, and Chromium Black.

PLEASE NOTE THESE WILL NOT FIT your Chevy SS without a spacer.  However this purchase will include custom hub centric billet adapter spacers for your Chevy SS to fit these wheels.*  Also please keep in mind if you are running aftermarket brake rotors there is a possibility they may not work because of the height of the rotor itself and the spacer supplied my not be thick enough.  

$805  For A Set of Four with adapter spacers*

*Spacers will ship separately with a minimum 20-25 working day lead-time.


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