Chevy SS Sedan Yokohama AVS MODEL Mold-Form Forged F50 Wheels

Size: 20x9 - 20x10.5
$ 4,300


The New Twin 5 Spoke Yokohama AVS MODEL Mold-Form Forged F50 is a high-tech wheel that SS owners love!  Available in a 20 inch diameter (20x9 front and 20x10.5 rear AND only sizes available for this model) fitted for the Chevy SS! 

This is the 5th model since the advent of the AVS VS5 and the successor to the AVS MODEL T5, with the original twin 5-spoke design

The use of four molds ensure precise replication of design details in this mold-forged one piece model. 

This design uses a wider split in the the twin spoke. Side cuts are made on the spoke surface only at the widest point between the spokes.

The outside surfaces of the spoke and the side cut areas receive a diamond-cut finishing process after the painting. The enhances the appeal of a forged materials and give the wheels a bolder, more assertive presence.  The side cuts on the spokes are down with a 3D milling machine AFTER the mold form forging process is finished. the milling is done after the enameling, making the side cuts out by showing the wheels bight aluminum finish.


To top it off this wheel has a luxurious center ornament that is also forged from aluminum (with colored letters).  The ring portion consists of chrome plating on the milled aluminum surface. perfectly capturing the AVS no-comprise approach to design. 

These wheels come in 20 inch only for the Chevy SS in color PBC: Platinum Black Combi and have a F-3 face! F-1, F-2 and F-3 faces, each of which have a different degree fo concave to the spokes. F1 seems flat, and the F-3 (which the application for the Chevy SS will be) seems to draw you in with approximately 10mm of difference in the center depth.  Width, inset, and caliper clearance all are meticulously engineered to create these precision wheels for your SS!



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