Chevy SS OBD2 Strut Sim for Magnetic Ride Delete

Type: With Pass Through Cable
$ 350


OBD Strut Sim for Magneride & Active Suspension. This is a Bypass Module that allows for removal of OEM Chevy SS Magnetic Ride

Quick Install - OBDII Plug
No Speed Limiters
No Service Suspension Messages

Kit includes:
1 x OBD/SS Module


Sealed Blank Shock Connectors (Protects unplugged shock connectors Set of 4)

OBDII Pass-thru cable for those of you running other readers though the OBDII.

Other Options for using multiple OBD2 units are the Autometer OBD2 Signal Splitter


This Sim module manages the behavior of your vehicles SCM (Suspension
Control Module) so that there are no speed limiters, no service suspension

Simply replace your Mag Ride Struts, and plug this module into the OBD port, and connect the red wire to a 12V ACC ignition power source.

The OBD Strut Sim lives on the OBD port and is powered only when the vehicle is powered preventing power-loss when vehicle is parked.

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