NEW Chevy SS 2016-2017 Carbon Fiber Front Lip

$ 735


Chevy SS Sedan 2016-2017 Carbon Fiber Front Lip.

Designed with every angle taken into consideration to flow with your Chevy SS!  This is NOT the same as the Holden Sports Armour.  It is more dimensional in every area and most importantly keeping the same flow to the front nose body lines, clean, and an OEM look ,a known trait of any Maverick Man Carbon Product!

Unlike other so called lips / splitters on the market, this is a true lip that goes over the actual front bumper cover.  

Because of its unique design, this lip only sits 1/8 of an inch lower on the front bumper and no more then 1 inch further out on the most extended point, making this lip the best on the market for clearance!

We've all seen the other so called lips on the market where they were have been damaged like this...

or this


Don't believe us? Zoom in on any photo on social media with these lips and you will see that more then 90% of them are cracked and damaged. 

Why? Because because its a poor design period.  When the middle of the lip sticks out on the SS even only 1 inch even a 1/2 inch, you might as well kiss it goodbye and give your money away!  Being far forward in this portion of the lip will literally hit the ground when going into a driveway.  If you are lowered forget it!  

The Maverick Man Carbon Lip will even clear the lowest SS on SSL King Spring and Coilovers! 

These other lips have also failed on their finish in  a short amount of time. Look at anh of these SS with these lips closely and you will see the degradation of the carbon like in these photos here:

Don't waist your money on other carbon fiber lips only for it to get destroyed!

Be smart!  Go with the best design and carbon on the market. 


This front lip fit any 2016 to 2017 Chevy SS ONLY.   Hardware NOT included.

$789 plus shipping, +CA tax

Due to the size shipping via truck line and NOT FedEx or UPS can range from low $150s to high $170s depending on your location.   


WARNING! California Proposition 65
WARNING: This Product Can Expose You To Certain Chemicals Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer Or Reproductive Toxicity, Such As Lead Or DI(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate.


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