Chevy SS Carbon Fiber Lip Tips Intall

If you are looking at this we presume you have one so thank you very much for your purchase. 

As stated on the website. Hardware is NOT INCLUDED.  It can be done with the bumper on the car but you must remove the factory underside aero. We also suggest having someone help you it will be a lot easier to install!  


We suggest using All Stainless Steel bolts, washer and nuts for this.  Holes are drilled for 6M bolts and you may need to open them up if the hole is not large enough. Some people drill them open use 8M bolts too. Use washers where it is applicable on bolt on both sides of the lip. OR or use a flange bolt on outside and a washer on the inside.  DO NOT USE self tapping screws.  We recommend mocking up the lip first and mark the hole for it.  REMEMBER you must push inward toward the bumper putting this lip on. IT DOES NOT FLEX and goes over the lower bumper cover. So you mush push toward the bumper when mocking it up AND with applying the double sided tape. 


So yes, double sided tape is also needed in this install.  Use 3M VHB Double Sided Automotive tape (DO NOT USE ANY OTHER BRAND) we suggest to use this one here: https://amzn.to3rzraV1 for the top side and this one here: for the ends. Or find them at your local auto parts store. 


Make sure the surface is clean with no wax or ceramic coat on it. We encourage to use a Adhesion Promoter like this here: or other top brand to help your double stick tape to adhere along with using a heat gun to make sure it is tacky. Be sure not to burn the clear coat off with the heat gun!




Put the smaller width tape along the top like this using leaving a small gap between the tape and the end of the lip. 



We recommend doing it at least in three sections (middle and both ends). do not do it all the way across with one strip. 


For the ends use the wider tape and do the same thing.  


We also suggest NOT to remove the top side or sids of the tape fully.  After putting the tape on the lip, it is ideal to remove only part of it like this instead.



(ignore the smaller tape this this was the original install) then fold the red part over and tape it down on the other side like this:



Then remove it like this here:



This will make your life a lot easier on this install doing it this way.


Lastly Make sure the lip is centered as best as possible.  For mock up and actual install we suggest you set your lip up like this to make sure it is centered. 



If it is uncentered even a little bit, it will cause one side to possibly pop off. If it is popping off you have your answer on what you did wrong and will have to do it all over again.  It has been proven that even it being slightly off it will cause pressure on one side or the other and will release.  We had two 14/15 owners that had this issue.  When they re-did it there were NO Issues and they are on still to this day!  There are many with this same lip if they got theirs to fit, there are no issues. Do it right once with these tips. 


Thanks and look forward to seeing it on your SS! 



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