How to swap a ZL1 Camaro Wheel on to your SS

The ZL1 wheel comes with everything but the bag. controls, paddles and trim.

The ZL1 will also just slip right on the SS hub no problem.

However there are a few things that need to be done.

These are NOT instructions on how to remove the steering wheel from the car. Please consult a professional or have one remove the steering wheel and the air bag for you.  Maverick Man inc. is not responsible for damages or body harm during removal or swap of the wheel.  

Below are the instructions on how to swap over the necessary parts and modifications that need to be done to the wheel.  

The only thing you will use on the ZL1 wheel (besides the wheel) are the silver V trim, the black trim around the controls on each end the and paddles along with the aluminum airbag release which the wire harness is attached to.

First is to remove the aluminum airbag release.  It is only held on by four torx bit screws and will come off in less then two mins. 

The control trim and v-trim both will come right off the wheel they are only pushed in the wheel. you just pry them off gently. When the control trim and v-trim will come off they will come off as one part you will separate them with a few screws that hold them together. (see photo: "remove v-trim from contro l trim")

You will have to swap your SS wires and controls over to the ZL1 wheel. Paddles will plug into the SS wire harness. Remove them and replace the ZL1 harness with the SS harness. 

The most important thing you must use both SS controls and use them with the ZL1 control trim. Before doing so you must detach them from each other. This is not a big deal, BUT reason why you do this is these DO NOT interchange with each since one is made in Mexico and the other in China they DO NOT SWAP and your SS will NOT work with the ZL1 controls.  Don't try to take the easy way out and only swap one because you will soon learn not all your controls will work, not to mention they are also different colors in lighting.

Next you will need to detach the controls from the trim using a T-20 Torx Bit.

Next you will have to remove the actual button unit from the silver trim. You can use two small pry bars or pick tools to pull the unit apart. 


After removal of that trim you will have to cut or dremel part off the SS control so the ZL1 trim will fit over it.  You will not need the ZL1 trim after this. 

DO NOTE the trim will actually never snap back on the SS controls because only two of the tabs that hold the unit together will line up. All the others do not. But not to worry since those controls will be held in by the wheel and the V-trim. you can see the 3 pegs on each of the controls in photo.

This can sounds confusing but it is very easy. The hardest part is to remove the control trim from the controls.

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