Tip Intall for OBD2 Port Locking Tool

Congrats on your OBD2 Port Locking Tool and keeping those key clone theirs away from your OBD2 port. 

The port Locking Tool is a universal type lock specifically for most European cars.  So we suggest some modifications on your GM vehicle OR you can install as it comes with some exceptions. 

The ideal way to install these units is to use the full size screw it comes with which will tap into the actual OBD2 port. This makes the "Lock" much harder to tamper with or remove. 

Below is of an image of a BMW OBD2 port with the holes left from the screws that come with the Lock Tool. 

As you can see on this BMW OBD2 port there is clearly an area where the screws and mount into the port without contact to any of the pins. 

However the GM OBD2 port is much different as shown in the photo below

Depending on the year of your vehicle some ports can interfere with the pins when the screw are tapped into the OBD2 port. Make sure prior to tapping them in, that they will clear any pinned ports. 

When tapping into the port with the full size screw provided it can possibly make contact with the a OBD2 pin in the port. Given the screw to the lock is aluminum and so is the lock itself and it will not conduct.  However it can push the pin inward if it is installed and when connecting to the port with a Tech2 or scanner, you may have the possibly bending the pin or not connecting at all.

If you wish to install your "Lock" with the full size screws for the best security and use of this lock, please make sure you check everything before installing it.  We even suggest mounting the inner part to the OBD2 to "start" the hole first as shown below. 


We suggest this so when you do put the lock together the screws go in smooth and not crooked.  After pre-tapping like the above photo, you can then mount the lock.

If you do not wish to risk any issues we suggest cutting the screws down like as shown on the website where you ordered the lock.  We feel this is the safest way to install this lock in the following vehicles (with some exceptions) 

The Chevy SS Sedan, Pontiac G8 and 2019 and below GMs and ALL Cadillacs:  Will need to shorten / cut Anti Tamper Screws to fit over port. TEST IT, FIRST BEFORE CUTTING since GM does list down multiple part numbers for OBD2 ports and may fit without modification. 

For example the Anti Tamper Screw will need to be cut shorter as in the photo below:

We recommend cutting down the provided Anti Tampering Screw approximately down to 6mm from the bottom of the head. 

Do note that by cutting the screws makes it so that the inside clip is the only thing holding the lock on. This will still prevent the port from being accessed however it will not be as secure as tapping the full size supplied screws all the way into the port.  


The Pontiac GTO: will NOT fit without modifications to the outside of actual OEM OBD2 port. since the shape of it is a tad different them most GM ports. The cutting of the Anti Tampering Screws will also need to be cut down like the above install for the other GM cars. 


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Victor Z

Will this fit a Camaro 2017 ZL1?

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