The most Pontiac G8's in one place EVER!

I'm not sure about you, but I think I am lucky to see one G8 a month. How giddy do you get when you see one?  What do you think is more elusive: a Pontiac G8 or a Unicorn?

If you haven't heard of the G8 Extravaganza then you better listen up! It was started by a few members of the Florida G8 Car Club attending races with only 4 to 5 cars.

This eventually turned into the first Florida G8 Extravaganza; around 10 cars barbecuing at a member's house. From there it grew each year, evolving into what you see today -- a whopping 150 cars rolled into the 6th Annual G8 Extravaganza!


This year's 6th Annual G8 Extravaganza took place at Orlando Speed World on April 29th through May 1st 2016. This Extravaganza had a total of 150 cars in attendance and a record breaking 104 Pontiac G8's! 17 GXPs, 3 PPVs,  19 SSs, 8 GTOs 8, 2 Utes and 8 miscellaneous cars (like a CTS-V and a Pontiac Solstice).

Check out this drone footage of the Extravaganza by Isacc

One of the coolest things to see at this event is the line of G8s that roll in! It is truly a sight to see!

A few photos of the "odd men out" because of the domination of the G8 attendance.


One of the main Attractions at this event was the Car Show which featured awards like Best GT, Best GXP, Best V6, Best Holden Class and more!


Some Winners of the Car Show Include:

Larry Powell for Peoples Choice

Darla Cazares who won Best Exterior sporting a Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler and Grill surrounds.


Ed Casacia won best Holden Class sporting a lot of Maverick Man Carbon products on his car.

Steve Cortese for the Longest Haul Award driving all the way from Dallas Fort Worth, Texas!  He was also sporting a Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler.

Ron Kristin for Best GXP

After the show it was time for some go!  Some classes included Fastest Power Adder, Power Adder Shoot out, Fastest NA, NA Shootout, Fastest GTO and Fastest SS.

The fastest track time was laid down by Adam Cooper from Huntsville, Alabama in his blown G8 running a 10.17 at 137.89 mph! 

Here are some of the racing results:

Cool video highlights from Drag Racing by Grady Stieren 


This event is amazing!  Everywhere you looked you saw G8's / Holdens, and people chatting and enjoying each others company.  Next years event has not been planned yet, so keep an eye out on their Facebook page for updates on the 2017 G8 Extravaganza!

Photography Credit: Russ Muller




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I just had a problem with my 6.0 l76 the crank pully loosend up and spun on the crank shaft lucky I saw the temp was pegged. Pulled over all light came on. Thankfully it didn’t mess up the crank too bad scared a little but not a loss. Putting new seal backer plate and pully well see. Keep your fingers crossed.. check your crank bolt. I didn’t my bad.. could of costed me thousands……!!!

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