Love for the GTO, G8 and Chevy SS!

When you think of the GTO, G8 and SS, the average person doesn't think of how devoted people are to these cars. 

One of these devoted people is Luis Mendez, a local resident of Dallas, Texas.  It all started about 3 years ago when Luis attended a GTO meet called GoatFest during its last year in Fredericksburg, Texas where there were 40+ GTO's.  After that meet ended, it sparked a desire in Luis to create another meet that resembled GoatFest.

Luis decided to begin with a car meet just for GTO's around the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. Luis said, "It was quite a difficult task setting up a place to have dinner, followed by a car meet."  After a few weeks of careful thinking the meet was held at Gas Monkey Bar n Grill. What better place than a location that loves cars!

At the first meet there were about 13 GTO's.

The second year we had around 25 GTO's and G8's.

The third year, due to bad icy weather, it was limited to just about 20 GTO's and G8's.

But this last meet on June 22, 2016 was the biggest meet up to date. 40+ in attendance! GTO's, G8's, and Chevy SS's crowded the restaurant's parking lot.

Oooo Ah I see a G8 with a Maverick Man Carbon Hood ;)

Emily Williams' super clean GTO aka Roxy also sporting Maverick Man Carbon Billet Arrowheads

Luis Mendez's beautiful Spice Red GTO with the best arse at the meet displaying the Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler and Diffuser. ;)

Steve Cortese sporting a Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler on his sweet Prussian Steel Metallic SS.

Some video coverage by Andy Eick:


The greatest part Luis said, "Was when we all cruised down to a larger local meet "Endless Car Movement" meet that hosted over 1000 cars!"

Everyone was so amazed to see all these car at once. I remember one of the event coordinators for the large meet say, "Holy $&@'!, Look at all of them!" The fact that everyone had something different was an awesome sight to see.

Some people took the opportunity to look at different things that might inspire them to mod their vehicle. Everything from 300hp to over 1000hp was present. We even drew crowd of people looking in amazement at our cars; our passion for GTOs, G8s and SSs could be felt by all.

For those interested in attending the next meet. Please contact Luis Mendez - Email: - Phone #: 469-358-3784 .  Luis says, "One day, this will be the largest GTO/G8/Chevy SS event ever!"  Stay tuned for the next meet!

Photo Credit: Nicholas Bartels, Brennan Bellows, Limitless by LaRae, Emily Williams, MaCaleb Prochaska and Endless Car Movement.

Video Credit: Andy Eick - You Tube Channel

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