Will the Cadillac XLR make a come back as a Mid Engine Performace V model in 2020?

Who remembers the Cadillac XLR? Some of you probably don't since they only produced 3730 units.

If one recalls the Cadillac XLR was a 2004 to 2009 model based on remaining Chevrolet Corvette C5 assemblies due to GM's transition to the C6. So basically it was a Corvette, with some XLR-V's powered by 4.4 liter, 443 horsepower, Supercharged V8 Northstar. 

So keep in mind the XLR was technically a $100k+ Corvette.  Now we all know there is rumor of a Mid Engine Corvette.  We've seen the spy photos and videos of a supposed Mid Engine Corvette.

Now some think the XLR is going to make a come back according to this recent photo of this key fob here.

This key chain is a supposed new Cadillac Key fob. If you look at the images on the fob, the buttons show a trunk and also a "frunk" maybe for a mid-engine?  Also, there's a button to operate a drop-top which we know the past XLR came as a convertible too. Not to mention the car profile on the fob is very Corvette looking.

A lot is happening with Cadillac.  The move to push more CUV like the XT4. Discontinuing the CTS and the ATS including both V models but being replaced by the CT6 and CT5 models with a possible V line up. So could this be part of the new V line up? 

We don't think there is much of a market for a two door sports roadster. Hell maybe it will have the new supposed 4.2 Twin Turbo Cadillac V8! But then again GM always goes the opposite direction of what us hardcore enthusiasts really want. Hell maybe this will be an EV to take on Tesla. Or this is April fools 5 months too early? Just a thought. What's yours?




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