Built and Boosted 2006 Pontiac GTO

Built and Boosted 2006 Pontiac GTO

Patience and perseverance result in a new age take on a GTO.

Tim Ayers, owner of this 2006 Pontiac GTO, if nothing else, is a man of patience. He held off on purchasing this car for 2 full years as he searched high and low for this exact color, transmission and, at the time, specific factory wheel set up. Furthermore, he held off on any upgrades in the beginning, leaving the car in stock condition as he relied on it as his daily driver for quite some time after having left school and transitioned into full time work.

This is Fine…

When the changes finally began rolling in, which included basic bolt-ons along with suspension and wheel upgrades, they were put to work regularly. Ayers adds, “I autocrossed a TON with that setup for about 2 years before I was ready for more power.” More power came in the form of a built 403, but things didn’t go as planned. Over time, a valvetrain failure resulted in a catastrophic end to the bottom end that was every bit as bad as you might imagine - crank, rods, pistons, the entire block was a total loss.

Taking a Step Back

As you’re already well aware, the ups and downs are just how this all works, but rather than jumping right back into another build, Ayers was once again patient. The GTO was put on ice for a year while he researched and gained more knowledge, stockpiled parts and made a few new connections. “I began sourcing rare and obscure parts while forming business relationships internationally, leading to the Aussie flare I’ve subtly put into the car.”

His interest in the often tough-to-get Australian market parts also led to a business venture of sorts, importing OE Aussie parts for fellow GTO enthusiasts, just like the HSV GTO taillights and Australian market interior switches that he added, along with other low key touches to set him apart from the crowd. Like these Billet Strut Cap Covers and Brake and Clutch Reservoir covers

Things that really only those in the know will appreciate, though there are more obvious updates, like the Maverick Man Carbon Fiber Cowl Hood that vents in the rear and knocks off about 20lbs. up front.

If you look closely, you’ll also notice another hit of carbon up front in the form of the SAP Grills, while under the front bumper is a carbon splitter braced with optional splitter rods. That same woven fiber theme continues to the rear of the car with a bolt-on spoiler atop the trunk and a lower diffuser along the bottom of the bumper.

Required Rematch

Back to the heart of the build: after a year of patiently game-planning, Thompson Motorsports was called upon to assemble a Darton-based 427 block using a K1 crank and rods, along with 10.1:1 Wiseco pistons. The top end of the previously destroyed block was salvageable and put back on active duty after being reworked with Mast black label cathedral ports, custom Comp cams and chromoly pushrods, as well as Thompson’s own trunnion kit. “It ran on motor and a stock ECM for about a year to work the bugs out and get miles on it before the fun began!”

Today, peek under the hood and you’re met with a TVS 2650 supercharger inside of a meticulously maintained engine bay.

SLP long tube headers send spent gases through cat-less mid-pipes that terminate through Corsa Sport mufflers. Rather than tossing all of that estimated 700+lbs.-ft. of torque through a factory trans and crossing his fingers, Ayers made huge improvements to the drivetrain that include a Tremec Magnum F trans with LT1-SC clutch with 18lbs. billet flywheel, Eaton Trutrac LSD, G-Force axles and a carbon single-piece driveshaft from DSS.

Nice to Have Options

Depending on where he’s headed, Ayers’ GTO might be sitting on a full set of Weld RTS S71, or he might opt for VMR 810FF up front.

The business end sees a 17x9.5 +52 (offset spaced 16mm) version of those Welds which are wrapped in Mickey Thompson ET Street R that measure in at 275/40.

Ride height adjustment and much improved handling come by way of Pedders Extreme Supercar coilovers, Hotchkis sway bars and Whiteline bushings. Squat down and peek behind the wheels and you’ll notice CTS-V2 Brembo calipers are joined by R1 Concepts and AC Delco discs with Hawk ceramic pads which are tasked with putting a halt to Ayers’ right foot shenanigans. 

A build of this caliber doesn’t happen overnight and, unless you’re rolling in some of that fancy Bitcoin money, it’s something you chip away at over time, the way Tim Ayers has. His vision of the perfect build has never really changed, it just hit a few roadblocks and he had the patience to put things on a hold with the car while he assembled a list of mods that have him smiling every time he gets on the gas. He closes with this, “The full intention was nothing short of full on street car - working A/C, power seats- everything had to function as factory. Scram did the install and wiring without a single hitch, and it came together beautifully. Now, with the newly swapped Tremec Magnum F and driveshaft, the car's running and driving better than ever. Countless hours from so many people came together to make my interpretation of the new age GTO a reality. It's truly become a legit, one-off car.”

Car 2006 Pontiac GTO

Owner Timothy Ayers

Instagram @bom_LS2_gto


Under the Hood: Darton aluminum block; Hinson polyurethane mounts; K1 forged crank, rods; Wiseco 10.1:1 pistons; Mast Motorsports black label cathedral; custom grind Comp cams, chromoly push rods; Thompson Motorsports trunnion kit; Walbro 450 fuel pump x2; Injector Dynamics 1050x;  2650 supercharger; SLP long tube headers; cat-less mid-pipes; Corsa Sport exhaust; Holley Terminator X-Max management

Power to Pavement: Tremec Magnum F trans; MGW-P shifter; Monster LT1-SC; 18lbs billet flywheel; Eaton Trutrac LSD; DSS carbon fiber 1-piece driveshaft; Motive 3.90 gears, billet adjusters, forged stubs, G-Force axles

Stiff Stuff: Pedders Extreme supercar coilovers; Hotchkis sway bars; Whiteline polyurethane bushings; Shock tower bar; stainless lines

Rollers & Rubber: Weld RTS S71 17x9.5 +52 (spaced 16mm out) rear; VMR 810FF 18x8.5 +45 (spaced 3mm out) front; Mickey Thompson ET Street R 275/40 rear; Toyo Proxes R888R 245/40 front

Brake Check: Cadillac CTS-V2 Brembo calipers front; R1 Concepts discs front; AC Delco discs rear; Hawk ceramic pads

Outside: Maverick Man Carbon fiber cowl hood, Maverick Man Carbon SAP grills, front splitter w/optional supports; Maverick Man Carbon bolt-on spoiler, Maverick Man Carbon rear bumper diffuser; Maverick Man Carbon Billet front/rear badges

Inside: Maverick Man gauge cluster bezel, e-brake handle; Redline Goods flat-bottom steering wheel; custom suede panels

Thank you to Scram Speed (Mahomet, Illinois), Texas Drivetrain Performance, Thompson Motorsports

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