Where can you see 21 Unicorns in one place? Right here at the SoCal Chevy SS Sedan Meet!

Sometimes when you arrange something you are never sure what the outcome will be. A few months back I decided to take charge and plan the 4th meet for Chevy SS’s in So Cal.   The typical thing to do these days is to post up events socially, yet after months of promotion it looked like only 12 people were coming, and only 9 of those were Chevy SS’s. But 9 cars are better then no cars, so the show must go on.  

I had originally planned to have the meet in front of Corner Bakery in Glendora. Being the first one that showed up about a half hour before the event, I found out that the area where we were going to park was totally filled! I was getting worried about where we would park, but luckily this shopping center was huge.   Apparently no one shops at Best Buy at 10:30 in the morning, so there was plenty of parking by that store.

After finding the spot for the meet, little by little by little, the SS’s started rolling in. By 11am there were about 8 of them and I was very satisfied.

By 12pm we had about 15 cars, and by 12:30pm there were 18 SS’s. Then a few late stragglers rolled in, and by 2:00pm there were 21 SS’s that came to the SoCal meet! As of today this is a record for the most SS’s at a meet anywhere across the nation!

Four of them were brand new 2016’s, two Slipstream Blue, one Some Like It Hot Red and one Silver Ice Metallic.

I did not get a total count on the 2015’s, but there were more then expected. The majority were 2014 ‘s, with only one Mystic Green (the first time I have seen that color) and I still have the only Red Hot 2. Hey, where are you Red Hot 2 guys? I’m getting lonely.

Most were from So Cal, but we had a few that traveled over 130 miles. There were even some diehard SS fans that drove down from Northern California! That was just awesome!


Along with these 21 Chevy SS’s we were very happy to see one cool PPV, one diehard G8 owner, one 5th gen Camaro, a brand new 6th gen Camaro SS from the Glendora Chevrolet down the street, and even an Old Skool GTO showed up.


One thing we all know about social media; there are TONs of lurkers who never post but follow everything that’s going on. People want to know who’s going and how many people will be there before actually committing to something. In this case pre-numbers did not show the real outcome for the post event. So if you were debating whether to come to this SS meet or not, you really missed out! Hopefully we will be able to see you guys or gals next time.

I want to thank the following people for the making this event a success: The core group that always shows up to each meet; Art Burgess, Bob Covello and Ray Rayes.   Ken Savoca and Travis Crouch for posting and keeping an eye out on pushing this event out on the forums, Liz Tienda from Glendora Chevrolet for bringing out the new 6th Gen Camaro SS, Anthony Carrillo and Cecilia Merica for the additional photos and lastly for every one who drove out for the event!

The next event we will be working on will (hopefully) be in conjunction with Glendora Chevrolet at their dealership! Please make sure you keep an eye out for our next SoCal SS meet on this webpage. For the Facebook link click here: https://www.facebook.com/MaverickManCarbonInc or Instagram @maverickmancarbon.

Until Next Time.... Maverick Man

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